Video: McCarren Park Pool Opening



  1. I think it’s great McCarren Pool has reopened but why is it listed as being in Williamsburg? It most definitely is in GREENPOINT, even check the zip code which is 11222.
    Please give credit where credit is due and that is that McCarren Park/Pool is in GREENPOINT.

  2. I loved going to McCarren Pool when I was young but after this happening {The incident occurred around 6:15 p.m. (the pool usually closes at 7 p.m.), and DNAinfo reports, “Witnesses said one lifeguard who tried to break up the fight was punched in the face} I think there should be a fee.

    Swimming Pool admission rates for those individuals who do not purchase a Season Pass are as follows:

    Boro Residents / Non-Residents
    •Family* $10.00 / $18.00
    •Adult (18 and over) $4.00 / $6.00
    •13-17 (Inclusive) $3.00 / $5.00
    •12 and under $2.00 / $3.00
    •Sr. Citizen (65+) $2.00 / $3.00

    *Family includes parents and up to four (4) children under the age of 18 living in the same household. Persons living in the same household who are not legal dependents of the parents are not considered family. Such persons must pay for a separate season pass or daily admission.

  3. Simon Clarke says:

    I agree, should def be a fee but a bit higher than what Mariam said. Those kids will appreciate & respect the pool much more.. Should also be a $100 fee for fighting.

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