Video: four morons broke a Virgin Mary statue outside a Williamsburg church posing for selfie


Or as the Brooklyn Paper‘s charmingly-retro reporter calls them “buffoons,” “knuckleheads,” “pack of yahoos” “blasphemous bozos” and “holy terrors.”

A pack of yahoos broke a religious statue while trying to pose for selfies outside a Williamsburg church on Saturday night, police say.

At least four blasphemous bozos stumbled into a courtyard in front of Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church on Metropolitan Avenue between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue just before midnight to yuck it up with the holy house’s Virgin Mary statue, according to security footage and a police report.

One of the knuckleheads pulled a pose behind an angel statue next to the Holy Mother while another tried to climb over him — sending both buffoons crashing down on top of the heavenly messenger, which smashed on the ground, footage shows.

Police are only looking for the two clods who actually broke the statue.

Clearly, 2016 has been tough for Williamsburg’s religious statues, which have routinely been damaged by the nabe’s ever-increasing, drunk bro population.

These guys stole a Jesus statue back in May:

And these drunk fools cracked a Jesus statue in September, while trying to give it a high five.

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