Video: Animal Man “Do You Feed”

Fucked Up put out one of the most ambitious records of the year with David Comes to Life – a concept record telling the story of people who are young and in love. As part of the most recent Record Store Day, the band put out David’s Town, a record consisting of fictional bands from the fictional town where David Comes to Life takes place.

Among the made up punk bands like Porcelain on Porcelain, Hateful Coil, and The Wavy Originals, there was this gem from Animal Man. And now, their song “Do You Feed” comes to life in video form. It’s Fucked Up guitarist Ben “Young Governor” Cook and bassist Sandy “Mustard Gas” Miranda walking around, eating food, dancing. You know, the story of people who are young and in love.

Fucked Up – Do You Feed from Lance Ludwig on Vimeo.


  1. !!! I’m hoping they keep going down this rabbit hole.

  2. I like this more than Fucked Up’s actual music.

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