Vice is moving into a giant new space in Williamsburg along with $6.5 million in tax breaks

kentAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Vice Media will be moving from their current space on 90 North 11th Street into a 60,000 ft. space on South 2nd Street and Kent Avenue. The new space allows Vice to increase their employee total from 400 to 925. This increase in jobs would be rewarded with up to $6.5 million dollars in state tax incentives. From WSJ:

“Brooklyn is our home and we’re already hard at work developing a freaky, space-age utopia that will give today’s creative visionaries a place to produce astonishing stories and leave their indelible thumbprint on the annals of history,” a spokesman said.

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  1. whoa

  2. 5% ownership by Fox goes a long way!

  3. Just to quell any doubts about being just like Nathan Barley.

  4. nwilly1 says:

    Is it just me…or does that spokesperson’s quote on the new space read like something the writers of HBO’s Silicon Valley would come up with to make fun of exactly this type of situation? “A freaky space age utopia?” Really? Remember when it was cool to be self-effacing allow your work to speak for itself?

  5. jjinbroklyn says:

    Them local boys done good!

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