Vegan Pop Up

Secret-ish food markets are back (with the never-talk-to-the-New-York-Times lesson learned from the Greenpoint Food Market forgotten). So, of course we have our very own. And obviously its going to be vegan.

From the release, these are some of the goods:

Puffy glazed doughnuts from Dun-Well Doughnuts!

The Regal Vegan’s top notch Faux Gras! (gluten-free too!)

Meow Meow Tweet, with their masterfully crafted organic bar and liquid soaps, and vegan bug repellent too!

Pretty Monsters has made a special all vegan product line just for us with matcha lavender lip balms, soy candles in new Summer scents, AND tattoo balm!

At the Pinebox Rock Shop this Sunday from 2 to 5, with cheap drinks and freebies. As far as markets go, this one sounds good. As long as they don’t talk to the Times.

More info at their website. Good luck, little food market.

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