Unlike sell-out Stephen Levin, Antonio Reynoso vows to fight high rises in Bushwick

Stephen Levin Towers

Stephen Levin Towers – coming soon to North Brooklyn

We’re happy to report that Bushwick has a city councilman who’s willing to fight the endless construction of “luxury” high rises:

“I intend on implementing the rezoning as a means to preserve the character of the neighborhood,” said Reynoso.

Reynoso said he believes special, low-zoned areas could help keep the neighborhood from suffering from the same kind of dramatic gentrification that has gripped Williamsburg in recent years.

His district contains the sixth- and 25th-fastest gentrifying zip codes in the nation, according to census data (two others in the top 25 are in neighboring Bedford-Stuyvesant). The average Bushwick two-bedroom now rents for $2,161, up nearly $500 from last year, the highest increase of any Brooklyn neighborhood, according to real estate industry data.

Too bad he’s not Greenpoint/Williamsburg’s councilman. Instead, we’re stuck with Stephen Levin. Let Reynoso know you like the support!

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