Underneath it all, Dickchicken just wants to make you laugh.

The Work Book Project has a video up of loved/hated Brooklyn icon and street artist, Dickchicken. We contacted the reprobate to see if he’d answer a few questions.  Interview after the jump.

Free Williamsburg: How does it feel to know that some people hate you? Do you care?

Dickchicken: Life is a projection of a quantized amount of physical order. nah mean!?!

FW: No. People have said that by drawing dicks in public places your work is irresponsible. What do you think? Is what you do irresponsible?

DC: like do I have to pick up the kids from soccer practice irresponsible? (so annoying)

FW: Do you ever get sick of keeping who you are a secret? Like, say you walk by someone talking about your work. Is it hard to keep your mouth shut?

DC: while I am clearly an ego-maniac, self preservation is key. I would like to answer this question with a fable.

FW: Ok. what’s the best and worst thing about what you do?

DC: the best part is the police, the worst part is sting

FW: And what’s next for you?

DC: ninjas

There you have it, folks. Ninjas.

You can find Dickchicken here or here. We also hear he might be lurking around Miami’s Art|Basel in December.

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