Uh oh, Starbucks appears to be opening a location in Williamsburg

starbrooklynEater NY has brought to our attention the fact that Starbucks has posted job listings for a location in Williamsburg. The posting lists the address as 405-409 Union Avenue (at Anslie St). The job listing shows so little respect for its future neighborhood that lists the city as “Bkooklyn, NY.” Hopefully the listing is just a big mistake, or maybe Starbucks is renaming our entire borough ‘Bkooklyn.”

- @joshmorrissey


  1. I live in this building, we’ve gotten shipments asking “Is this 65 Ainslie?” that were clearly for Starbucks but they left them in the residential entrance.

    I know it’s word coming from a rando, but, it happened.

  2. jjinbroklyn says:

    Amazing it’s taken this long, actually.

  3. A long time ago people said Williamsburg and Brooklyn were different from Manhattan and pointed to there being no Starbucks as proof of its independence
    However, developers have run amok through the borough turning it into condoburg and those days of having something special are unknown to all the new people moving in and I feel like people these days will be thrilled there is “finally” a Starbucks
    Years ago as a kid I would have actually felt anger if I saw a Starbucks opening here

  4. Moses kestenbaum ODA says:

    Drink beer while you can, cause tomorrow there will be a starbucks

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