Tycho and Andre Obin Played Le Poisson Rouge (pics)

Despite only putting the show online recently and with little fuss, a sizeable crowd turned out to see the wonderful Scott Hansen AKA Tycho last night, whose design blog ISO 50 has turned quite a few heads lately, and his signing with Ghostly International has secured his place among the blogs. Check out his just-reissued Past is Prologue, an album that has slowly become a must-have in the underground world of electronic music since it was released on the now-defunct IDM label Merck Records. Good stuff.

Opening with a DJ set was the always wonderful Com Truise, whose chillwaving, self-proclaimed “music for people driving their cars who just want to jam” turned the energy up a notch and got the crowd into it even when the floor lights were still on.

Massachusetts’ Andre Obin creates fresh beat architecture with crooned, digitally manipulated vocals punching through it. When it hit, it worked great.

Tycho headlined with some of the new stuff from his latest, Coastal Brake, such as this one: the self-titled track. But for the several dozen seemingly HxC fans in the crowd he played his older pleasers.

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