Two Williamsburg staples are shuttering


Supercore served its last meal on Sunday:

Inexpensive Japanese cafe Supercore closed for good after service last evening. The owner told the staff about the closure just four days before the restaurant’s final night. Although the restaurant was not a foodie destination, Supercore was a popular hangout for the Williamsburg freelancer set for over a decade, and it had one of the neighborhood’s best backyards. Gothamist also notes that Supercore was “the first hipster-oriented barstaurant to pop up on Bedford in Williamsburg’s Southside.” When asked about why the owner had decided to shutter the restaurant, an employee explained: “He doesn’t want to do it anymore.” No word yet on what will happen to the space.

And now another Williamsburg staple is going out of business.

Say goodbye Mini Minimarket. They’ll be having a going out of business sale starting tomorrow.


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