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Two new Mexican restaurants open in Greenpoint, another coming soon from the Speedy Romero chef

Good Move

There’s no shortage of Mexican food in Greenpoint. We already have three of our favorites Vamos al Tequila, Acapulco, and Casa Publica to chose from. (The latter is technically on the border of Greenpoint and Willliamsburg, but whatever.) Now two more spots have opened up with another coming in 2018.

First, there’s Good Move. A taco joint and mezcal bar at 167 Nassau Ave:

Our tacos are composed with intentional flavors and international flair, we make the chips and salsas in-house, and everything from the pineapple juice to the guacamole is kept fresh. We have a vast selection of mezcal, tailored to sipping. Our cocktails boast healthful plant-based ingredients such as turmeric and cactus. Our bar also has a rotating selection of beer and wine. Because tacos, cocktails, and mezcal are always a Good Move.

Good Move
167 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
b/t Newel St & Diamond Street

Over on Manhattan Ave, there’s Friducha, a Frida Kahlo-themed restaurant serving up traditional Mexican fare. They are open daily and for delivery as well.

946 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
b/t Java St & Kent St

And slotted to open in 2018, there’s Oxomoco on Greenpoint Avenue. It will be a “wood-fired Mexican” restaurant from the same people behind the Clinton Hill/LES pizza joint Speedy Romeo. 

Bazdarich will put down the pizza peel for his next restaurant, Oxomoco, which he’ll open early next year at 128 Greenpoint Avenue in, you guessed it, Greenpoint. (His partner in this spot is Chris Walton, a longtime friend who works in commercial real estate in Arizona.)

Speedy Romeo’s heart is its wood-burning oven and grills, and the menu at Oxomoco — named for the Aztec goddess of the night — will be centered around two wood-fired grills, too. As at his other restaurants, Bazdarich wants to make “a big show” of the grills and put the fire on display with a menu of what he’s calling wood-fired Mexican.


Robert Lanham :