Two Boots Pizza is coming to Williamsburg

twobootsRising from the ashes of the recently closed Driggs Pizza comes North Brooklyn’s first Two Boots Pizza. Located in the former Driggs Pizza location at 558 Driggs Avenue, the new Two Boots plans to have a back yard, bar, and to open in January. From Eater:

Two Boots head honcho Phil Hartman tells Eater: “Driggs Pizza (a personal favorite of mine) was for sale and we’d been looking for the right spot to relaunch Two Boots in Brooklyn, with the Park Slope branch shutting down after 24 years.”

Two Boots sells signature slices such as The Newman (sopressata & sweet italian sausage on a white pie), The Dude (cajun bacon cheeseburger pie: tasso, ground beef, cheddar, & mozzarella), Mr. Pink (marinated chicken, plum tomatoes, fresh garlic & mozzarella), and should fit right into Williamsburg with their recent addition of The Animal collective (tasso, chicken, andoille meatballs & pepperoni on a Sicilian crust).

- @joshmorrissey


  1. fuck. i’m really sad about that. driggs was the best pizza in williamsburg. why aren’t you talking about driggs? what’s wrong with you people. reinventing history. lena dunham knows best.

    • The only thing lena dunham knows about is looking gross naked and filling her orifices with sausage shaped items. Driggs pizza was an oldschool spot with a tad of charm but lets be honest here…it was fucking nasty and you’re a slob for ever eating there. Best pizza is aptly named, and vinny’s is the close second. Why would you defend that pizza!

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