this will destroy you

Instrumental ‘post-rockers’ This Will Destroy You were in town to play a couple of shows. We caught them at 285 Kent in Brooklyn. Watch a 3 song edit below.


  1. Explosions in the Sky tribute band?

  2. Nice Photos Stefan Raduta. However, your review seemed very biased. you did express the facts but you’re overly expressed opinion makes this more of a blog and less or a professional article (which is “hip” i guess because that is what it seems to be) It is also common for people to get excited and express this especially at a rock concert,you know…being a Post – rock band……..
    Finally calling people you don’t know “kids” is pretty condescending, patronizing and shows low character, a trait not desirable in a cyber writer…….
    assumptions are not journalism.
    good luck on your key-stroking career.

  3. Really enjoyed your review, Stefan, but – “thirteen violins and two cellos”?? Some of those “violins” and “cellos” were violas and a bass.

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