Is Tumblr founder David Karp secretly the Iron Man of Williamsburg?

karpDavid Karp, the founder of recent Yahoo billion dollar acquisition Tumblr purchased a $1.6 million dollar apartment in Williamsburg last year. He has since renovated it and gave the first look to New York Times’ T Magazine. The apartment is surprisingly minimalist and free of technology for a tech entrepreneur. It is simple and crafted with quality materials as opposed to being over the top and fitted with flat screens that appear out of the floor. From T Magazine:

The materials and methods are genuinely old: the reclaimed oak that dominates the living room comes from an old dairy farm in Pennsylvania, and the brick and concrete have aged with the building. “It’s very open and honest,” he says of the design. “Everything is exposed, and you can see all the connections.”



I have to admit I haven’t quite been the same since seeing the above picture of his bathtub that overlooks the living room. I am already dreading the embarrassment I will feel upon walking into my apartment tonight and remembering that my bathtub is INSIDE of my bathroom.


Pictured above is a work space in his apartment. It’s very simple and clean. A little too simple if you ask me. I’d imagine pulling out one of the books on the shelf opens a secret door in the floor that leads to an incredible lab filled with high tech machinery.

If you notice on the left there is part of a motorcycle that looks suspiciously like the parts needed to construct an Iron Man type suit. From the article:

Switching metaphors, he compares the home to the design of classic motorcycles, one of Karp’s obsessions, which are naked machines, all working parts exposed.

An entrepreneur who is rich, incredibly smart, and loves tinkering with machinery? Sounds like someone else I’ve heard of. David Karp, please make McCarren Park safe again.


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