True Norwegian Black Metal

Peter Beste has a new book out documenting the Norwegian Black Metal scene in pictures. It looks amazing. These dudes are the real deal and make pseudo-satanic poseurs in America look like pussies. The lead singer of Gorgoroth, Gaahl (pictured aboved), actually did time for torturing a dude and drinking his blood. Here’s what the publisher (Vice) has to say about Beste’s book:

Documentary photographer Peter Beste has spent the last five years working in the milieu of the Norwegian black metal scene. This scene, with its notorious events of murder, church arson, and self-mythology, is absolutely sealed to outsiders. The international black metal fan base is one of the most devoted, fanatical, and proprietary in the world. Beste’s access and insight into this world is unprecedented and has yielded an amazing photographic journey

Check out the amazing video series by VBS after the jump.
[Hat Tip Gawker]

Watch parts II-V here.


  1. metalmaster says:

    still as black as it gets…

  2. Great mockumentary! Even funnier than Spinal Tap! An alternate ending could be having Gaahl (name sounds familiar…isn’t that one of the bad guys in Lord of the Rings?) break an ankle on top of the mountain followed by emergency airlift. But frat boy’s supplication “guide me” followed by the Dark Lord’s long, contemplative stare into the abyss of hell followed by a dramatic final gulp of wine…or was that blood?!…was certainly a more effective and subtle technique of comedic artfulness. And Gaahl’s lair? A grand gothic castle perched atop an impassable mountain peak surrounded by a dead forest? No, a bucolic cozy little candle-lit cabin in the woods filled with bad art and fine wine! (No blood on the carpet please.) I really do think an Oprah appearance with Gaahl elaborating on his “god-within-wait-a-minute-I’m-supposed-to-be-a-Satanist” philosophy should be written into the script. But otherwise, great stuff! Bravo Mr. Beste!

  3. I saw this book like a year or two ago in Portland, OR. A little slow on the uptake… Shouts out to SUGAR GALLERY! KG What up!

  4. Kiss much?

  5. Vargshelske says:

    Gaygoroth ! !

  6. Gaahl never claimed to be a satanist he just themes his music after it because its the opposite of christianity. He just hates that “everyone” follows christianity blindly. Thats why when Gorgoroth play they impale the sheep heads. That is society society is the herd.

  7. the black metal for ever

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