Truck Yeah! Mobile Meetup Coming to Williamsburg

This Sunday, October 2nd from 12pm-6pm at The Crown Victoria Bar (one of our favorite must visit new spots!) is the first mobile meet up for trucks (not just food) in Williamsburg. The event is being called Truck Yeah!

For the first annual Mobile Meet Up, a group of eleven trucks, each representing a different player in the rapidly growing “mobile culture” of New York City—from gourmet food, to fine art, music, design, and fashion—will convene in Brooklyn.

We’re excited to see Art Cart NYC’s mobile exhibition with work from Amia Yokoyama and Kennedy Yanko. Yokoyama will transform the truck into a cave-like environment and induce altered states of awareness through the use of light and sound. Employing digital frequency modulation, algorithms, and light projections, she will channel the sacred nature of prehistoric caves in a contemporary iteration. Yanko will stage her paroxysm paint sculptures inside and around the truck. These poured pieces are boundless outbursts of vibrant pigments, which form eerie, intoxicating, surreal sculptures that are malleable to their surroundings.

There’s no better way to spend one of the last nice Sunday’s of the year, we think you’ll like it.

Current Truck Yeah participants include:

Art Cart NYC™
Bang Bang NYC
BangOn! NYC
Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches
El Camino ARTRV
Etta Place
Gawker Artists
Green Pirate Juice Truck
Lonely Goat Dance Company
Rickshaw Dumpling Truck
Tiffany Nicole Mobile Vintage Shop
The Mud Truck
Truck Farm

Truck Yeah: Sunday October 2nd, 12pm-6pm. The Crown Victoria Bar, 60 S. 2nd Street at Wythe.


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