Top 5 shows of the weekend


We return to our regular schedule after a much needed weekend away… Looks like a cold one this weekend, so you’re going to need to put on an extra layer or two and deal with it.

5) The Parrots, Stuyedeyed, Comatides at Sunnyvale
Madrid trio The Parrots are the kind of shot in the arm that feels particularly necessary on a Friday night. If you want your rock ‘n’ roll pure and with a swagger, then hit up Sunnyvale for the band’s debut New York show. Further cause for celebration comes in the shape of Stuyedeyed, who will be releasing their EP, Funeral, via King Pizza. Friday 8pm

4) The Staves, Mikaela Davis at Music Hall of Williamsburg
I just saw The Staves this weekend in Nashville and their vocal harmonies are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Even when the songs don’t always sparkle, the harmonies elevate them to another level. Don’t miss opener Mikaela Davis, whose harp skills are a joy to behold. Friday 8pm

3) The Flaming Lips, clipping at Terminal 5
If one band can turn Terminal 5 into a fun time, then it has to the The Flaming Lips, and while latest album, Oczy Mlody is not exactly upbeat (more a continuation of 2013’s The Terror, which was underrated), there’s something beautifully inclusive about their shows. Thursday 7pm

2) Big Bliss, Spirit Ghost, Calico Blue, Hot Curl at The Gateway
If you like that treble-heavy, blurry line between post-punk and shoegaze then look no further than Big Bliss, the trio released a fantastic debut EP last August called Keep Near, which lands somewhere between Pornography era The Cure and 99th Dream era Swervedriver. Heady praise, but worthy. Also on the bill are Calico Bluewho are suitably dream-poppy, while Hot Curl and Spirit Ghost will bring some garage rock to the table. Friday 8pm

1) Plates of Cake, The Divided Self, Miracle Sweepstakes, The Jeanies at The Gateway
A search on this site for Plates of Cake yields mostly restaurant news, but I was a big fan of the band’s 3rd album, Becoming Double from January 2016. A superbly crafted indie record with plenty of jangle in the guitars but also a refreshing amount of lead licks to boot. If you have a hankering for classic 80s power pop then The Jeanies are not to be missed either. Saturday 8pm


  1. After a long week of mundane social media multi tasking I think it is about damn time to take an analog break – of the music kind.

    Let’s drink beers and enjoy.

    PLATES of CAKE is hot hot hot.

  2. fyi new info: SIC TIC is also playing the show at Gateway on Friday night

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