Top 5 Shows of the Weekend


Seems a bit at odds that the same week as Martin Luther King day we get one of the most incompetent and divisive human beings in the country as our 45th president. But here we are. For those who don’t have the inclination or energy for politics this weekend, there are many excellent ways in which to avoid the circus.

5) Psychic Twin, Visuals, Mmeadows at Good Room
It’s hard to stand out when it comes to danceable electro-pop, but Psychic Twin‘s Strange Diary record from last year marries that perfect line somewhere between Cocteau Twins, Future Islands and Annie Lennox pop sensibilities. Thursday 8:30pm

4) Helado Negro, Beirut, Daniel Rossen, Kevin Morby, Ruth Garbus at Rough Trade
Planned Parenthood are going to need all the help they can get with the backwards group of buffoons in the white house, and what better place to start than this benefit show at Rough Trade (also for the ACLU). Helado Negro‘s album of last year, Private Energywas a forgotten gem when it came to end-of-year lists, perhaps it was a bit too eclectic in a year when most people seemed to fawn over pop heavy-hitters. Beirut, Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and Kevin Morby could all play bigger places alone so attendees will be in for a treat. Thursday 7pm

3) Creepoid, Russian Baths, IYEZ, Birds at Sunnyvale
is almost a year old and has really hit its stride lately in the bookings department, and this psych-offering should be the easiest way to legally blow your mind this weekend. Creepoid are about to release a new EP called Burner, which you can listen to below. It was produced by Ben Greenberg and is a little more restrained than previous efforts, but manages to soar a little higher at the same time. Russian Bath‘s excellent 2-song cassette, Ambulance, was mixed by Greenberg, to give a connection between the two bands. IYEZ and Birds swing a little more to the reverb-heavy 60s on the psych scale for an all-round excellent bill. Friday 8pm

2) Weed Hounds, Super Natural Psycho, Sleight of Hand, Petal Head at Bar Matchless
I haven’t seen many shows at Bar Matchless over the years but there seems to have been an uptick in their bookings more recently and you can catch a fine lineup of shoegaze / britpop (of the more psych-leaning influence anyway) on Friday. Weed Hounds’ self-titled debut from 2014 would win an award for “sounds like it should be, but isn’t on Slumberland Records”. Don’t miss openers Petal Head who skew on the heavier side of the shoegaze scale. Friday 8pm

1) Steve Gunn, Lee Ranaldo, Meg Baird at The Park Church Co-Op
Acoustic guitar nerds out there don’t have a better option this weekend. Indeed, they might struggle to do better all year. Steve Gunn‘s more recent work has seen an emphasis on playing electric and Lee Ranaldo should need no introduction, the Sonic Youth guitarist deserving of legendary status, though perhaps most don’t know how great he is armed only with an acoustic. Whatever you do, don’t miss Meg Baird, whose 2015 album, Don’t Weight Down the Light is one of the most beautiful finger-picked folk records in many a year. Sunday 7pm

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