Top 5 shows of the weekend


While some of the major players have already announced their summer festival lineups (Panorama / Govball), which admittedly doesn’t seem too far away with today’s high of 15 degrees C, but let’s stick with the present. We only have one more weekend until an orange clown has the nuclear codes, so maybe we should just enjoy ourselves while we’re still here.

5) Shannon and the Clams, Brooklyn Bluebirds, Hideout at Baby’s All Right
I can’t think of a band that marries 50s doo-wop with with garage punk more keenly than Shannon and the Clams, they’re here for three nights at Baby’s All Right and while this show and Monday night are both sold out, but for those who slept on tickets and can make it through the weekend, you can still get tickets to see them on Tuesday. Don’t miss opener Hideout (aka Gabriel Rodriguez), who makes the kind of glam pop that you could image selling millions of records if people still actually bought records, the two songs available on bandcamp show an expert ear for melody (the album, So Many Hoops/So Little Time, will be out in February). Sunday 8pm

4) Grooms, Big Bliss, Ritual Humor, Prima at ALPHAVILLE
It’s hard to think of Grooms without picturing Death By Audio, but it’s over two years since DBA closed and the band are thankfully still going strong. The band’s last album was the rather wonderful Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair (from February 2015), but they have since recorded a new album that should be out soon, so expect plenty of new songs. I just saw Big Bliss play the last ever show at Cake Shop and instantly became a fan of their glistening, treble-heavy post-punk songs. Ritual Humor and Prima are also not to be missed on what is possibly the strongest overall bill this weekend. Sunday 8pm

3) Julian Velard at Rockwood Music Hall stage 3
After a successful pledgemusic campaign for his upcoming album, Julian Velard is playing his first full band show of 2017 which will consist of songs from said record. At the time of writing there are single-digit number of tickets left for the show, and while I’m generally not a fan of Rockwood’s 2-drink minimum schtick, Velard is engaging and funny to match his songwriting chops. Saturday 9:45pm

2) Geometers, Falling, Good Doom at Saint Vitus Bar
Few things are better than a show at Saint Vitus, but this one has the added bonus of being free. Geometers released their debut album, Pay to Live, in December and is an emo-tinged post-hardcore delight, though labels aren’t terribly helpful for a record that runs the gauntlet of rock in general. Falling and Good Doom are both making their way from Minnesota and are going to sound fantastic through the venues PA both in their quieter, reverb-soaked moments or during a pummeling crescendo. Thursday 7pm

1) Big Ups, Yucky Duster, Leapling, Red Sea at Shea Stadium
A year ago, Big Ups made number #1 in this column opening for Metz, and after releasing one of our favourite albums of 2016 (I pushed for it to be #1), it seems only right that they should take this week’s top spot. This is exactly the kind of show you go to Shea Stadium for, a great set of local bands (with Red Sea travelling from Atlanta so it isn’t too insular) including Yucky Duster, for which this is their The Duster’s Lament EP release show. You can hear The Ropes over on Soundcloud and while it’s early in the year, I might not hear many more infectious pop songs in 2017. Thursday 8pm

Featured image by Chris Quartly.

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