Top 5 shows of the weekend


We’re in the home stretch of this wretched orbit, where end-of-year lists could read more like obituaries. Let’s try and be optimistic for a few minutes at least, and marvel at the stupendous options we have to entertain us this weekend.

5) Horrendous, Kosmodemonic, Sentient Horror at Saint Vitus Bar
It seems like just a few months ago when I saw Horrendous play a This One Goes to Eleven presented show at The Acheron (RIP, we miss it), but that was back in January 2015, almost 2 years ago! Anyway, enough reminiscing… Horrendous are one of the best metal bands around. Saturday 8pm

4) Dinosaur Jr., Luluc at Irving Plaza
In these trying and uncertain times, Dinosaur Jr are always a reassuring sight. You know crowd favourites will be played, you know J is going to play more guitar solos than you’ve had hot dinners, Murph is going to hit everything he can, even between songs, and Lou Barlow is the glue that holds everything together even though he’s the most chaotic. This is one of the band’s last shows before heading off to Australia and Japan in January as they continue to promote this year’s Give a Glimpse of What Yer NotThursday 7pm

3) Bellows, Painted Zeros, Hello Shark, Care at Shea Stadium
Bellows‘ third album, Fist and Palm, recently came out on Double Double Whammy, and it’s a lovely lo-fi folk record with some electronic layers for good measure. Painted Zeroes, meanwhile, released an EP in August which is a nice accompaniment to 2015’s sadly underrated Floriography album. Friday 8pm

2) The Magnetic Fields at BAM
Few writers can master such sardonic prose as Stephin Merritt, and as a fairly new 50-something, his latest project, 50 Song Memoir, features a song for each year of his life (though he’s now 51, and will be 52 when the album is released, who is counting?). The songs will be performed over the course of 2 nights and will supposedly feature 50 different instruments just for good measure. Both shows are unfortunately sold out, and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band before, you’ll know why. Friday and Saturday 7:30pm

1) Windhand, Ilsa at Mercury Lounge and Saint Vitus
It should be fair to say that there is plenty of doom going around right now, so why not add some to that with one of the best stoner/sludge bands around right now. You have two chances to catch the band this weekend, and two contrasting venues as well. Mercury Lounge is not known for throwing metal shows, while Saint Vitus is of course, the finest of them all. Both venues, however, can lay claim to being the best sounding spaces we have, and given that it can be hard to get that spot-on at doom shows, you’re in for a treat whichever night you make it to. Considering Windhand played at the much larger Gramercy Theatre last time around (featured image), this seems an ideal opportunity to see them. Saturday 10:30pm at Mercury Lounge and Sunday 8pm at Saint Vitus

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