Too bad Rubin didn't pick a real legend, like George Jones

From Rolling Stone:

Rick Rubin is hoping to do for Neil Diamond what he did for Johnny Cash. The producer — who revived the Man in Black’s career in the Nineties with the Grammy-winning American Recordings series — has revealed to Rolling Stone that he is producing Diamond’s next album, the follow-up to 2001’s Three Chord Opera.
The record will mark a slight change in direction for Diamond, moving away from his recent, lavishly arranged crooner material to his stripped-down singer-songwriter style of the late Sixties. “This is more of a songwriter’s album than a singer’s album,” says Rubin


  1. I guess you have to sell in before you can sell out.

  2. Neil Diamond says:

    “Real legend?!” Get YOUR songs covered by Urge Overkill, then we’ll talk, bitch-ass punk!

  3. Yes, George Jones is a real legend. I saw him in concert recently, and he still sounds great.

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