Tonight at FREEwilly's Northside Showcase: Hooray For Earth

First and foremost, take a listen to Twin Shadow’s remix of “Surrounded By Your Friends” to get excited about our Northside Festival showcase TONIGHT AT BROOKLYN BOWL with Keepaway, Glass Ghost, Oh Land, and The Babies (members of Woods and Vivian Girls).

Hooray For Earth’s debut label EP, Momo, was released earlier this month on Dovecote Records to much acclaim on the interwebs. Not to mention the waves they’ve created on their most recent tour with Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Surfer Blood.

We got a chance to catch up with frontman Noel Heroux about cheap beer, almost getting killed by a bunch of teenagers on drugs, and what it is exactly that’s so great about Earth.

I read a review recently that called your music twee– would you agree? What words do you feel describe your music best?

I think someone just said “twee” because we played with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Maybe “Surrounded By Your Friends” seems a bit twee-pop on first listen. Our friend Kurt [Feldman] recently called us “doom pop”.

Since the band was formed in Cambridge, MA, I thought you might have some insight into what makes massholes different from the average Brooklyn hipster…

As far as I know, Massholes are typically not the city type – they’re more like the townie guy who cuts you off in traffic and then flips you off for beeping at them.  I think Brooklyn is also very self-aware. which I’d say is a contrast to Cambridge/Boston.  Not sure what that means.

What are you inspired most by in Brooklyn?
Rosemary’s $3 32oz beers!
You’re just off a tour with Surfer Blood and Pains of Being Pure at Heart– any fun stories from the road?

In Tallahassee I fell asleep in the parking lot near a tree and was almost run over by shrooming teenagers (still mostly my fault).  Other than that everything was pretty amazing, both bands were rad every night.

On your Myspace page under “sounds like”, you have a number of photos of crumbling buildings– why?

I think because we’re all nervous.

How does Momo differ from the self-released albums of your past? What did you learn while recording the album, and will you be doing anything differently next time around (a.k.a when can we expect another release)?

Momo is the first time I ever thought about anything, instead of just trying to blast the listener with complainy stress-pop.  Honestly it’s a different band, so much has changed since then.  The last recordings prior to Momo were completed in mid-2007, so it seems like another world far behind.  I’m happy to move forward.  We’re on the follow-up to Momo right now, psyched for that.

Are there any new bands you’re really excited about right now? And do you have any classic albums you can’t live without?

Oh No Ono has been our rave-review of the past year.  And our good friends Zambri are re-inventing the wheel with a new LP in the works.  I can’t speak for everyone else in the band but my personal can’t-live-without is Broadcast (any record works).

We don’t mean to make you pick favorites, but who are you most excited about playing with at our showcase on Sunday? If you were asked to organize a show, what 5 bands would you love to see share a stage?

I can’t wait to see Glass Ghost, definitely.  Dream show would be Aphex Twin DJ set 5 times in a row?

Any other shows during Northside you definitely were excited about?

Paul & The Patients on Saturday night @ Cameo

Twin Shadow Sat night @ Berry Park

Milagres Sunday afternoon @ Matchless

And finally, what is it about Earth you find so exciting?
Going downhill fast!

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