Tix Giveaway: Timber Timbre, Baby Alpaca & More Thursday at Glasslands

After giving us the chance to premiere their video the other day, BK’s Baby Alpaca gave us the skinny on their show this THURSDAY night with buzztastic Timber Timbre. And of course, we’ve got your back:
a PAIR OF TICKETS goes out to the reader who posts the cutest/strangest picture/video of a Baby Alpaca in the comments below. Be sure to include your email address to receive the spoils.

And for the rest of us here’s another token of love (courtesy of our friends at Popgun) go HERE & use promo code CREEPON to get discount tix for $10. So basically there’ll be no good reason to miss this.

Check out this remix by Tecla of Rainbow Fields, or the lovely Demon Host by Timber Timbre.

Doors at 8, we’ll keep you updated with the details.


  1. Ticket giveaway! Yes? No? Please!

  2. don’t even know if it’s an alpaca let alone a baby but i got a few lol’s from it.

  3. “Wake up to the wonderful world of Alpacas…” Awesome.

  4. lisamarie says:

    this was fun.
    enjoy looking at baby alpacas almost as much as i like listening to them.

    daddy long legs:

    ultimate frisbee:

    cuter than your dog:

    heaven is a place on earth:

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gZ0x8AVaBI

    my favorite weird/cute alpacas

  6. Claiborne McDonald says:

    Thanks for playing all, and come check out the show tonight at glasslands!


  7. Doreenie says:

    i wonder what this child is thinking?… too cute and a lil weird, no?


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