Titus Andronicus announce seven inch series and Shea Stadium show via live webcast

27SUBTITUS-articleLargeIn what may be the weirdest transmission yet from Space Station Stickles, the indomitable Titus Andronicus frontman announced, via live web cast last night, the indie icons’ SEVEN SEVEN INCHES subscription series, bestowing upon all worthy subscribers seven new limited edition seven inches once every seven weeks (beginning 7/7/14) for nearly a year’s worth of pure punk rock shenanigans.

In addition to the SEVEN SEVEN INCHES series, as if our poor English major ears weren’t already steaming from all this raw data entry, is the option to tack onto said series an intimate evening with Titus Andronicus at (you guessed it) Shea Stadium on (uh huh) 7/7/2014, where you will be granted a gratis copy of the series’ debut release, a Titus Andronicus Seventh Anniversary double seven inch, a free—albeit curtailed—performance, and the opportunity to have the band sign said double seven inch post the aforementioned set.

Subscriptions are $45, with a one-time shipping fee of $18, bringing your buy-in to this Asteroid-obliterating vinyl event—which, Stickles assures us, will end with “something monumental” (presumably the release of +@ LP4)—to a fairly svelte $63 [plummeting ed.] US dollars. The 100-capacity Shea Stadium launch party, in case you wondering (and who isn’t at this point?), can be purchased both independently of ($14), and co-dependently with ($63), the full subscription Kahuna via the Titus Andronicus webstore.

Alternatively, if your brain just exploded on the vintage shag rug of your Greenpoint brownstone sublet, forcing the commitment of hard-earned funds to the costly steam-clean endeavors of a highly specialized but-not-entirely-legal crime scene buff-out crew, you can just catch Titus Andronicus at Brooklyn Night Bazaar next Friday, 7/11, for nothing but a good time.

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