Times Style section deems Oakland the new Williamsburg/Brooklyn


credit: The Bold Italic

And to think that just weeks ago, South Williamsburg was the new Williamsburg. Slow down Times gurus, we can’t keep up.

Walking around this outpost of cool off Telegraph Avenue, you may forget that you’re just across the bay from San Francisco and not in, say, an oft-cited borough of New York City where style, shopping and food have become major draws.

If so, you wouldn’t be the only one. Style.com recently published an article on Temescal Alley and pronounced it “Williamsburg-esque.” Last year, VegNews, a vegan-oriented website, ran a travel article titled “11 Reasons Why Oakland Is the New Brooklyn,” calling it “the new vegan mecca.” And in an interview with National Journal, the mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, citing the city’s thriving arts and food scenes, proclaimed, “We’re a little bit like Brooklyn.” (Even HBO has jumped on the bandwagon, setting “Looking” — the gay man’s answer to “Girls” — partly in Oakland.)

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  2. I just got back from San Francisco where the talk both in the news and on the street is the fact that people from San Francisco and Oakland HATE being compared to NYC or Williamsburg for that matter. And they are pretty sick and tired of New York ased press deciding what their neighborhoods will be called or what they are like. They tongue in cheek say they are just as bad as coming up with awful names and comparisons but really don’t like the East thinking it can label everything on the planet or that every community in America aspires to be ike Manhattan or Williamsburg. I tend to agree.

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