Time-traveling Hipster Caught in 1940 Photo?

The above photo was taken in 1940 and is currently on display at a Canadian museum. In it, the viewer can see scores of 1940-era gents and ladies, in their sassy fedora hats, classy suits and ties, and then, right there about three people deep, that dude.
What’s his deal? Is that a digital SLR he’s got just below his screen-printed tee? That face. His emotions are way to “meh” here compared to the others in the photograph. To the analysis!
A week or so late because I was busy time traveling, h/t Boing Boing, Gizmodo


  1. ANY MOUSE says:

    probably banksy

  2. I love it! Time traveling dudes are just awesome! Back to the Future anyone?
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  4. you retards says:

    wow. you hipsters should be hilled hitler stye. for being to fucking retarded. its a normal guy in an old ass sweater. what is out of place here? do you losers think he is too rad for 1940? you pathetic kids. go doe somewhere.

  5. Clone Tool says:

    photoshop, duh

  6. @”youretards”

    Look at his screenprinted tee shirt. They didn’t make those in the 40’s. Look at his fucking *DIGITAL* SLR he’s holding. They didn’t make anything DIGITAL in the fucking 40’s. Stop getting pissed off at photoshopped pictures and go back to /soc/ where you belong, fatty.

  7. The glasses are real. The hipster is original. The style is authentic, pre-ironic actual timeline, 1940’s. Sorry to rattle anyones core foundations and/or belief structures there. Peace.
    See original ad for similar ones here: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/2007/11/13/adjustable-sun-glasses-regulate-light/

    PS. Wouldn’t that jumper logically have a W on it – not an M… if any letter, or perhaps a section of the timeless knitted Mom-sweater pattern, the zigzag (seen for example on the eponymous Charlie Brown)? Just a thought.

  8. Well, so you’ve seen the “Time Traveling Hipster” but have you seen “Time Traveling Hippies”?


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