Ticket Giveaway: Wild Beasts at Highline Ballroom

On August 1st, Domino Records released the newest 10″ from UK’s Wild Beasts and we haven’t been able to stop humming “We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues” since. The band’s untamed lyrical progression matched with foot tapping melodies makes for perfect put your makeup on music– the kind of tracks you’ll want to listen to while you get ready to go their show at Highline Ballroom tomorrow night.

Of course, we’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader.

Check out the video for the single and find out how to get your hands on those tickets after the jump…

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner!

Let that falsetto settle in your bones and just comment below for your chance to win!


  1. nichole b says:

    i would LOVE the tickets, please. x

  2. I’m down!

  3. Yes, tickets please! I adore this band!!

  4. x loves food says:

    Yes please.

  5. Tickets please!

  6. neverwhere says:

    Not only are Wild Beasts great, but Kissaway Trail are awesome! A really great line-up!

  7. Blake Schernekau says:


  8. Yay Wild Beasts! Yay free tickets!

  9. This is a booty call; my boot up your arse hole. This is a Freudian slip; my slip er in your bits.

  10. indierock says:

    I love the Kissaway Trail..let me be lucky enough to win tickets. 🙂

  11. I Still Got The Taste of those tickets Dancin’ On my Tongue

  12. I would absolutely love to go tomorrow. Two Dancers is one of my most played albums and I’d kill to see it live… but rather than risk jail time I’m just gonna try this contest. Thanks!

  13. I like levitation so I guess I’m in. Wild Beasts at the Highline sounds awesome. please AND thank you for everything!

  14. would be a fun show to win tix for.

  15. Wild Beasts, yes please!

  16. I need this so badly right now.

  17. It seems too unreal that any human is capable of singing such hauntingly beautiful melodies. So help this incredulous girl believe this voice is real.

    Let me get a taste on my tongue. I promise to dance.

  18. uhmm how about this chick? 😉

  19. Great video! I wanna go to the show please!

  20. yes, hullo. tickets.

  21. I am so gay for these guys. Sign me up.

  22. wild beasts are soo good. crossing my fingers and hoping to win the tickets!

  23. i wanna!

  24. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. Wil beasts says:

    I’m here suckers!

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