Ticket Giveaway: Twin Shadow at Coco66

Dudes, if you’re not listening to Twin Shadow, I don’t even know how to explain how disappointed I am with you. The moniker of Bushwick’s well-dressed George Lewis Jr., Twin Shadow’s debut album has been literally spinning on repeat on every possible audio device in my apartment. Forget is a seamless blend of smooth lust infused vocals, synth lullabies, and whispering drum beats, not to mention “I Can’t Wait” induces heartfelt Molly Ringwald dances like woah.

Unfortunately for you, Terrible Records isn’t releasing this lovely gem until September 28th– giving you plenty of time to long for June once again. Seriously though, I can’t stop listening to these new wave jazz sounds that make me want to “secret handshake” in white linens. Mr. Lewis, I hope this stuff is getting you laid.

So if you’re looking to dance and make sexy time, check out Twin Shadow with our faves Hooray for Earth at Coco66 this Friday… or just win a pair of tickets for you and a friend by commenting below (and using your real email) about how you may or may not ooze sex just like this man’s chest hair.


  1. I wanna go to this show so bad!

  2. the naughty comes out when listening to this. It would be such a joy to listen to this live in public with some clothes on for once.

  3. pleasepleasesneezepleaseplease

  4. rally ho!!

  5. I think I need to spend at least a week with this guy getting a lesson in how to ooze sexy.

  6. i’d love nothing more than to make friday sexy with twin shadow. ya dig?

  7. “Dudes, if you’re not listening to Twin Shadow, I don’t even know how to explain how disappointed I am with you.”

    get outta here/ its summer. since when is this site on the cutting edge of ny music. this comment makes me want to vomit

  8. He’s definitely got less hair than the last time I saw him roaming the halls of castle braid. Would love to check out the show!

  9. I haven’t been so delighted by a Williamsburgh band in a while

  10. santiago says:

    great music!

  11. I loooove twin shadow!!!!!
    I wanna go tonight so bad!!

    pleaseee tickets

  12. live music, chest hair, sexy time.

  13. the hammer says:

    He played Crest Fest last year… Ladies love them some Twin Shadow…

  14. LuiS Cee says:

    Hell’s Yes Its gonna be a Lovely Nite With Twin Shadow !!!

  15. Manhatposeur says:

    Dam! I almost went to show but was sidetracked by friend who lives in the Billyburg. But his music is just slick. I need another opportunity catch Twin Shadows again.

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