Ticket Giveaway: Stadiums & Shrines and Neon Musical Insight Showcase

You all remember the awesome Stadiums & Shrines — our partners in crime for the FREEwilliamsburg CMJ Showcase blowout at Glasslands this past summer. Well, the awesome music blog has partnered up with Neon Musical Insight to throw another perfect night of music, booze and dancing at Cameo Gallery tomorrow night!

Luckily for all of you, it’s only $8 and will include the musical musings of such favorites as SOARS, Headless Horsemen, Com Truise and the lovable Kohwi. Moreover, one of you fantastic readers will be winning a pair of tickets to a show that has a flying walrus on the flyer– and we all know there’s nothing cooler than flying sea dwellers, right!?

What’s better is that each blog has posted mixtapes to preview the night, which you can grab here and here.

So comment below for your chance to feel the same exhilarated joy as a young Jason James Richter!


  1. i want to win tix :))

  2. Would love some tickets to this!!!

  3. stop using plastic bags says:

    …and save flying walrus’s

  4. PLZ

  5. im about to board a flight from sydney to new york + the first thing im doing en route to my temporary home is finding my way to cameo and seeing headless horsemen. ive never been to ny before, my map reading is novice at best + my flight doesnt land til 9pm but im hoping to deftly bound these obstacles. i think headless horsemen are great.

  6. meeee toooo!

  7. Mira Valentina says:

    I’m soo poor, would like some tickets!

  8. Kee Err Oh

  9. I want to feel exhilarated!

  10. Reeva Makhijani says:

    Pick me!

  11. I need these TICKETSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…. The line up is so good. Dave Sutton rocks!


  13. Philip Kiecun says:

    am I required to attend to find out if i get in for free? and can i really hug a sea lion(or seal)? second question much more important.

  14. GoofyFootNYC says:

    Hell yeah! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie…. totally looking forward to this show. Will Beanalicious and the Chetmandoo’s be playing as well?

    I heart DS and VM on Berry

  15. Gimme gimme, pleaseeeeeee

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