Ticket Giveaway: Oh Land at Mercury Lounge

You guys have all figured out that I may have a bit of a girl crush on Williamsburg-by-Copenhagen’s Oh Land by now. This little love affair started when we booked her to play our Northside Festival showcase, after which we played NYC Taper’s recordings over and over. But now, with an EP floating around, props from folks like Missoni, Nylon, Perez Hilton, Vogue, and so on… we wish we could raise our fists and cry “firsties!!”… but that would be a touch tasteless.

Anyway, Oh land is amazing and will be playing at Mercury Lounge on Monday (11/15) and not only will we be there, but we have a pair of tickets to give to one lucky reader. All you’ve gotta do is tell us which Oh Land song is your favorite in the comments!

And now, for your listening pleasure, videos!

Rainbow by Oh Land from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.


  1. Sun of a Gun

  2. LaurenElizabeth says:


  3. Giovanni Cardenas says:


  4. hottest. woman. ever.

  5. sun of a gun

  6. Sun of a Gun for sure. Met her during CMJ and she was very sweet. Would have loved to have seen her perform but it wasn’t in the cards. Please choose me!

  7. Me please! I was planning to go see her anyway and free tickets would make the experience even sweeter!

  8. Chritopher says:

    Son of a Gun! LOVE her!! thanks freewillyb!

  9. white nights…totally obsessed

  10. Sun of a Gun!! This would be a really cool show to win tix for!

  11. chuck norris loves white nights, so do I.

  12. imsogreen says:

    lean…would love to go

  13. Heavy eyes is top of the list! She makes all boys eyes heavy…

  14. Can’t wait for this show! If you’re a fan, check out these videos: http://www.biguglyyellowcouch.com/post/2010/10/19/couch-session-oh-land.html.

  15. Koo Koo.


  16. white nights. also, you kind of just did say “first” even though you said you wouldn’t. hope that doesn’t disqualify me.

  17. personally, Frostbite has to be one of their best. also I WANT TICKETS! please

  18. Audition Day

  19. White Nights, Ugly Couch version. Please give me tickets so that I may experience the joy that is Oh Land in person!

  20. WOLF & I

    Let me win. My girl really wants to go to this…

  21. fell in love with her the first time I saw her whistle on the big ugly yellow couch session…Rainbow

  22. son of a gun

  23. Sounds awesome. Tix please!

  24. Wolf and I xxx – Can I have the tickets please?

  25. Wolf & I! Missed her at CMJ need to see before she gets huge on the scene!

  26. Sun of a Gun…These tickets would make my life!!

  27. Sun of a Gun

  28. love oh land! i wish i could see her so soon. “son of a gun” is currently my favorite song.

  29. Sun of a Gun.

  30. wolf and i!!


  31. Wolf and I

    Love it! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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