Ticket Giveaway: Glasser at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Glasser, if you don’t know by now, is the singular work of one Cameron Mesirow– an ethereal one woman electro-orchestra which rings in tune to acts that we adore such as Alaska In Winter, except with a femininity that seems to float effortlessly above the rhythms of each song.

Around the time of Glasser’s debut release in 2009, Apply had plenty of company in the realm of breathy electro femme fatales (see: Class Actress, Zola Jesus, Florence & The Machine, Bat For Lashes, and so on)– yet Mesirow’s work managed to stay afloat amongst her, can we say, competitors. Luckily in music, when you like a sound there’s always plenty to go around.

Did we mention a pretty stellar live set goes a long way? Well, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Glasser during her stunning live performances (see: The Fader Fort during CMJ), you’re in luck– because we’ve got a pair of tickets to see Glasser at Music Hall of Williamsburg next Tuesday (11/16) with ARP and all you have to do is comment below with something interesting to say for a chance to win!

While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Glasser’s debut full-length, Ring, out on True Panther now… and check out the video for “Mirrorage” after the jump…


  1. Diana Zuluaga says:

    I caught the performance at the Fader Fort and was blown away! I would love to attend another show.

  2. Giovanni Cardenas says:


  3. Glasser would be a fun show.

  4. The FADER Fort show was so fraught with technical difficulties that I’m not sure it really counts. To be fair to the sound guy, he could barely see the stage!

  5. jeffery kocour says:

    Yes Please!

  6. That’s amazaballs.

  7. I would be the most excited fan if I got a chance to attend

  8. Turbo, man.

  9. Liz Westendorf says:

    Help me expand my musical repertoire and get carried away by Glass’s hypnotic melodies
    Inept music lover no. 45

  10. DIG!

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    Ever hear of the Survival of the Fiddest?

  12. A haiku:

    See Glasser, for free?!
    A noteworthy november.
    Pretty please, pick me!

  13. hope she wears a karate outfit again. or dresses like a geisha. or just does her old t’ai chi routine.

  14. LOVE Glasser. WANT tickets 🙂

  15. Devin O'Rourke says:

    Love how the dolly track for the camera is part of the mis en scene

  16. i carry her voice with me in my heart. •*´ `

  17. Saw glasser open for cut copy and at bk bowl during cmj…both great shows, would love to see again

  18. Saw glasser @ the Williamsburg waterfront show… Would love to see her in a dark venue with proper sound.

  19. Glasser is classy!

  20. Sounds like a great show!

  21. pretty prease? ticketz?

  22. I had a biopsy of a grow on my penis today. Like full on injection and then slash and burn. These tickets would make the world right again. A dying man’s last wish…I beg you.

  23. Wow, that last guy’s situation really sucks.

    The only way it could suck more is if you gave me the tickets.

  24. 95% of cells in the human body are bacteria cells. Dang.

  25. Wonder if that red hair makes her a better la roux? Is that question an insult?

  26. Her live show must be amazing! I read an article about her new album ‘Ring’, where she says she didn’t use any guitar on the album. She’s more impressed with the sounds of percussion.

    Her voice soothes the soul.

  27. This Ethereal Songstress is spot on!! I’d love to see her live.

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