This Weekend: The L Only Kinda Totally Fucked

To RT @mattlemay, “You can tell that the L train is from Williamsburg because it doesn’t work.”

image c/o Village Voice

Riiighhht?  Here’s this weekend’s breakdown (ha. pun):

Starting at 11:30pm Friday, June 17 to 5am Monday, June 20

(1) There are NO L trains between 8th Av and 14 St-Union Sq. Free shuttle buses will be provided.

(2) Working L trains run in two sections:

Between Bedford Ave and Rockaway Pkwy
Between Bedford Ave and 14 St-Union Sq

This means everyone must transfer at Bedford Ave.

(3) L trains skip 3 Av in both directions.

(4) L trains run every 16 minutes in both directions.

Just in time for the Northside commute. Nice.


  1. i guess it’s a good thing i only planned on going to one show tonight

  2. manhatposeur says:

    there’s the ferry!

  3. so true! there’s a ferry, doofi! ( plural?)

  4. hate to be commutin’ on that line.

  5. Ride a bike.

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