This Week In Williamsburg Food

A few bits of news to catch you up on.
If you get tired of the crowds at your favorite haunts this summer, head up to slightly-less-densely populated Camden, Maine for “The Maine Event,” a foodie’s celebration of New England recipes featuring instructions on pig butchering, pie making, shellfish shucking, and some good ol’ fashioned chicken slaughtering, among other essential practices. Your instructors will be Tom Mylan and Caroline Fidanza of Marlow & Sons, Dennis Spine of Roebling Tea Room, and Millicent Souris of Egg, all taking up residence with you at the 17-acre Salt Water Farm, run by New York expats, from August 12th to 17th. It ain’t cheap, $2500/couple, $1500/individual, but just imagine how many lobsters you can get for that price. They practically grow on trees up there. [From Brooklyn Based]

According to Zagat, Sweetwater, a bastion of peace and classiness on an otherwise Gomorrah-like N 6th Street, will open a bakery at 150 Wythe sometime in the next few months. And nearby, perpetually-under-construction rooftop bar 44 Berry will rest above a “Louisiana BBQ style restaurant.” Whatever that is, perhaps it can hold people over until Fatty Crab’s BBQ joint finally opens further south. [Both via Eater]
And last, congratulations to Brooklyn Brewery’s co-founder Steve Hindy on being named one of the Crain’s New York Top Entrepreneurs of 2009. “It’s a good time to be in the beer business,” he says in his profile. Here’s hoping that the brewery’s other co-founder, Tom Potter, can get his New York Distilling Co., what would be the city’s first distillery since Prohibition, up and running in time for 2010’s list, as I imagine it’s a good time for all sorts of booze.


  1. Jacob Hessler says:

    I grew up in Camden!

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