This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

a0596478358_10As presumed apocalypse kicks off today, This One Goes To Eleven is more than happy—as always—to provide the soundtrack. Good luck and good riddance, civilization.

WHAT TO HEAR: For the second week in a row we begin things with a Brooklyn band, in this case Uniform and their serrated new record, Wake in Fright (Sacred Bones). A natural continuation of the duo’s recent Ghosthouse EP (featuring a “Symptom of the Universe” cover!), Wake in Fright furthers the Uniform sound—caustic hardcore/industrial splintered with mutated moments of rock n’ roll rabble—in subtle ways, peppering in thumping dance beats (“The Lost”), lilting melodies, and political conscience throughout. Aided by a nuanced production approach that filters the band’s myriad of influences into a cohesive whole, Wake in Fright is one of the fascinating and captivating listens of 2017 (so far), so make sure to check it out (and grab tickets to their upcoming Night Bazaar appearance while your at it).

Next up is Not For Music (Season of Mist), a brand new offering of brood Belgian avant metal auteurs Emptiness. More reflection than rage, this one—produced by Jeordie White (better known as Marilyn Manson’s Twiggy Ramirez)—isn’t “metal” by most of the sonic pre-reqs, but it still more than demands your attention on the basis of experimentation alone. Find some quiet time and check it out—alongside an interview with the aforementioned Manson man—via Noisey.

Out of the ashes of Bolt Thrower, meanwhile, rises Karl Willet’s new project, Memoriam, and their new EP, The Hellfire Demos II (Nuclear Blast). If you always loved the crusty, whiskey-swilling rage of Bolt Thrower, then you will certainly like what you hear. If not, perhaps this is precisely the kick in the ass you need to go and dig in all over again. Either way, you won’t emerge with your face intact.

On pastoral black metal fronts this week, there’s plenty of peak-scraping goodness to go around, starting with folk-tinged Colorado troupe The Flight of Sleipnir and their new LP, Skadi (Eisenwald). After you’re done checking that one out, turn your attention to Iceland where Endalok are readying their latest cryo-frozen EP, Úr Draumheimi Viðurstyggðar (Signal Rex), just in time for the dead of winter.

Finally, set your sights on Scandinavia, which exports a pair of killers records this week in Wulkanaz‘s Paralys (Helter Skelter Productions) and Helheim‘s IandawarijaR (Dark Essence). The former is a torturous black metal descent into madness while the latter is a viking metal battle cry as charred as the villages left in its wake. You really can’t go wrong, so take your pick and pull the proverbial trigger.

WHAT TO SEE: While Friday remains quiet on the metal front, Saturday more than makes up for it with shows like Caveman Cult at Saint Vitus, Vomit Fist at The Silent Barn, and Profane Invocations at Blackthorn 51. Sunday keeps the momentum going as well with Decimate the Living/Hate Diplomacy at Lucky 13 Saloon, Nightfear/Trenchfoot at Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Metalfier at The Studio at Webster Hall, and Cold Cave at Saint Vitus

Monday, like Friday, is dead (just January or a slightly more concerning trend?), before Tuesday rolls up with Finding Joseph 1: An Oral History of HR From Bad Brains (including a film screening and book signing) at Saint Vitus, who also host Baroness side project Horse Torso on Wednesday. Thursday meanwhile wraps things up with August Burns Red/Protest the Hero at Brooklyn Bowl, Methedras at Blackthorn 51, and the almighty Witch Taint (just google them if you don’t know the story) at Saint Vitus.

WHAT THE FUCK: Three Doors Down are definitely not metal but WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK.


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