There’s a Beef Jerky Mount Rushmore in Columbus Circle


We assume “Meat Rushmore” smells to high hell, but its still pretty damn cool.

Snack lovers are celebrating in Columbus Circle, where art director Alex Valhouli and Jack Link’s beef jerky company created “Meat Rushmore” — a 1,600-pound replica of Mount Rushmore covered in three different varieties of jerky.

“We put about 1,400 working hours into the project over the course of three weeks,” Valhouli told 1010 WINS.

The meaty monument is 13-feet tall and 17-feet wide.

“We hand carved it out of a foam substrate to give it the dimension we needed,” Valhouli said. “It’s absolutely epic. We’re very happy with the result.”

“Meat Rushmore” will be on display until 6 p.m. Thursday.

The Making of “Meat Rushmore”


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