The vintage diner most fondly remembered as Relish soon to be demolished


Credit: Forgotten NY

The pummeling continues. According to Brownstoner, the lovely diner on Wythe Ave (currently home to La Esquina) is about to be demolished to make room for, you guessed it, CONDOS. Ugh. We’re lukewarm on La Esquina, but have fond memories of Relish, one of Williamsburg’s best restaurants in the late 90s.

New building applications were filed today for a six-story building with stores and 10 apartments at 225 Wythe Avenue, where a 1950s metal diner currently stands. It was home to the Wythe Diner from ’68 to ’88, Relish from ’97 to 2010, and currently houses Soho Mexican joint La Esquina.

Potentially, the apartments could be huge — about 1,238 square feet each — so we’re guessing this will be condos. All told, the building will have 16,736 square feet, including 4,351 square feet of commercial space.

Forgotten NY has the back-story on this soon-to-be-demolished landmark.


  1. Nothing’s Shocking

  2. Relish was as much a perfect moment as it was a perfect place, and the further Williamsburg falls from that moment, the more I love Relish’s original Owner & provocateur Sandy Stillman for freezing and defining that memory in time.

  3. Seriously?! how many more condos does New York, Brooklyn, Queens, need? They are over building…the bubble will burst.

  4. How many more condos does the city need? What good will all of them do when there is no character left in this city? The reason people move here is for the people, the character, the history…The people can’t afford to live here, the character is leaving with them and the history is being rewritten as a Eurotrash suburb.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  6. How sad!
    Can’t it be moved?

  7. Not surprising, when people have no history of their own so they either steal it or destroy it.

  8. R.I.P. RELISH.
    I will forever remember cosmo’s in pyjama pants and winter woolies!

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