The top of OfficeOps becomes a MEAT MRKT


This Saturday, MEAT MRKT takes over the top of OfficeOps in Bushwick for the first of an integrated pop-up series, pairing music, art and fashion, told with an urban tilt.

Talking with founder Sebastian Morris, the founder of MEAT MRKT, his aim was to make the event more than local vendors and more of an experience.

“I have not noticed pop-up shops to integrate all these elements- you have craft beer events and pop-up shops, but not something that brings it all together,” said Morris. “I want to make it more than a room or space with people who just rent booths, but a very curated experience.”

He’s aiming big, and hoping to make this a cross continental effort in the future with thoughts of expanding to Chicago and LA, but right now, all his attention is on Brooklyn. In fact, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is scheduled to make an appearance.

As an art curator by day at Bar Catalonia, Morris is hoping MEAT MRKT can be a platform for local artists to share their talents and gain attention. Saturday’s exhibit is curated by Wu-Tang Hybrid Arts initiative and MEAT MRKT is working with a graffiti artist on a functional raffle piece so some lucky winner can bring art into their everyday life. Entry is free, beer $7.

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