The story behind the Wythe Hotel

Via NY Observer:

“We didn’t cut any corners,” Mr. Walentas said. “If we had, this just wouldn’t have worked.” ….
The hotel’s website, proudly declares: “Wythe has rooms for artists, friends, brewmasters, musicians, concertgoers, mothers, brothers, grandmothers, bowlers, interns, twins, engineers, vignerons, and chefs,” which sounds exactly right.

The same exacting quality is behind every bar (four, counting the event spaces) and on every plate in Reynards. “You won’t read the farmer’s name on the menu because we’re not into boasting, but know that we’ve met every single one of our producers and shaken their hand, and that is the kind of experience we want to share with our guests,”


  1. That’s the story?

  2. They didn’t cut any corner because they got 15 million dollars in stimulus money! They robbed us to make this happen!

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