The story behind the creepy Bedford gorilla

Photo via E.K. Buckley

Photo via E.K. Buckley

Many of us have been startled to see someone out of the corner of our eye sitting in a lot on Bedford and North 1st only to realize it is a big stuffed gorilla. It turns out that gorilla is named Coco and the lot may be sold for upwards of $8 million soon. The owner of the lot passed away a few years ago and while his family decide when to sell, the lot is kept as an urban jungle by his friend Carmen Bonilla. NY Times spoke to the spunky Carmen who is in her eighties:

“I put this here for the kids, because the kids, they enjoy,” Ms. Bonilla said, stepping sure-footedly through the weeds in a flounce yellow skirt, a billowy white blouse, an elegant ivory hat and bright pink lipstick. “That’s the way you’ve got to live — because I’m no better than nobody. Love each other, help each other.”

Read the full story at NY Times.


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