The State Of Free Speech In America

This disturbing footage shows a University of Florida student being tasered by cops at a John Kerry forum. Meanwhile, Kerry reminds us why America thinks he’s a pussy as he stands by and does nothing.


  1. Jake Golding says:

    God bless America. Freedom of speech? You guys don’t need that anymore. We got lo-carb.

  2. Roy VanDyke says:

    I can’t stand Kerry, but to his credit, he did say he’d answer the questions. What was Kerry supposed to do, tackle the cops?

  3. maybe we should move to iraq, where we are free to say whatever we want…

  4. Kerry was only as bad as everyone else who stood by and watched. Where’s Erik Hinske when you need him?

  5. You guys are idiots. You’re on stage…can barely see anything…some kid starts going on an insane rant (not fully included in this video) …the cops start to escort him out and he starts making an even bigger show of it all…Up until this point, you’re basically going “What the fuck?” Then he gets tasered (which he certainly didn’t deserve), which it is said Kerry couldn’t see happening; but are you really going to intervene in this situation?
    Look, I hate Kerry, but give the guy a break. The kid is a douche bag. Everyone who is turning this into a “Freedom of speech issue” are totally missing the point of the prank.

  6. I disagree,, This is a young person who is trying to get answers (even if they are a bit on the conspiracy tip) to the situation of our country. He was at a student forum, and was asking a question that, yes, Kerry even said that he would answer, and the police arrested him for making scene,, Scenes are what our country needs, and if a college student can’t ask a question like that in a Q&A set up by the unversity.. What freedoms do we really have as citizens? It is even bigger then freedom of speech, it is our right to ask and question the governement.. Isn’t that what america is supposed to be all about?

  7. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have freedoms they hate us for, like time limits to questions on campus. Oh shit! Does this mean they won?

  8. Kelvin Rodriguez says:

    Mr. Nick the person who thinks this is a prank you’re the one who’s missed the train at the station. If this is the state of the state just for asking a question just imagine what’s in store for us in the future. This is definitely what a marshall state looks like; so study this carefully because if people don’t express thier distain of this behavior of censorship this will be your future.

  9. That kid was aggressive and nuts. He was obviously off the deep end and if the kid was allowed off on his screwy excitable rant and it ended with him whipping out a gun, you would all be complaining that the cops didn’t stop the nut beforehand. He was trying to make as big a scene as possible and personally I think the kid was an asshole.

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