The Sonic Jungle is Brooklyn’s New “Cultural Oasis”


I’ve been wondering when the day would come where I could find reiki treatments and electronic music under one roof, and finally, my new-age prayers have been answered! (Okay, truthfully, I never imagined I’d find this combo, and now that I know it exists, I’m shuddering at the prospect of having to hit a dubstep show with my chakras in disarray.)

The Sonic Jungle is Brooklyn’s newest “Cultural Oasis Pop-up”. Later this month, a 44,000-square foot space located at 510 Flatbush Ave. will be transformed into a singular destination for lovers of music, visual art and wellness – and we couldn’t be more intrigued.

The creative masterminds at Solare are behind this exciting venture, and they’re kicking things off on February 25th with an Opening Night celebration featuring performances from Clarian, Huxley and Navid Izadi of Brooklyn’s own Wolf+Lamb. In addition to a stellar lineup of house music, attendees are invited to experience digital art installations, plus a full list of wellness services from infrared spas to reiki and massage stations. I’m feeling enlightened already.

“At The Sonic Jungle we believe that helping people to prioritize their health is the most effective way to activate the Change Agents within them,” says Director of Solare Creative, Jessica Gray. “We aim to showcase the power of art, music and eco-technology as catalysts for innovation and impact. We are building a collaborative community wherein people can recharge, find inspiration and build genuine social connections that are founded in creative positive change.” Amen to that.

The Sonic Jungle’s fraternal founders, Andrew and David Goldin, state that this winter/spring series is just a sneak peak of upcoming amazingness. The two have big plans to open a permanent structure in Bushwick in 2018 with the goal to provide the borough with a new collaborative workspace wherein artists, intellectuals and scientists will host residencies, fundraisers and lectures on topics rooted in creativity and sustainability.

In the midst of this colossal political shift (and subsequent shit storm), I think The Sonic Jungle is just what the homeopathic doctor ordered. Lucky for you, the price is less than a specialist co-pay. Tickets for opening night are only $40. Even better yet, if you’re a student, artist, social worker or community organizer, you may be eligible to apply for an exclusive discount. More information and tickets can be found HERE.

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