The New York Times Gets It Right

At least their editorial page did. While many in the media spin her “enormous” victory in PA, most strangely fail to mention that Obama (according to many polls) actually moved up ten points in the state, despite Team Hillary’s GOP fear-mongering tactics. From NY Times

The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result on Tuesday, was even meaner, more vacuous, more desperate, and more filled with pandering than the mean, vacuous, desperate, pander-filled contests that preceded it.
Voters are getting tired of it; it is demeaning the political process; and it does not work. It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election.
If nothing else, self interest should push her in that direction. Mrs. Clinton did not get the big win in Pennsylvania that she needed to challenge the calculus of the Democratic race. It is true that Senator Barack Obama outspent her 2-to-1. But Mrs. Clinton and her advisers should mainly blame themselves, because, as the political operatives say, they went heavily negative and ended up squandering a good part of what was once a 20-point lead.
On the eve of this crucial primary, Mrs. Clinton became the first Democratic candidate to wave the bloody shirt of 9/11. A Clinton television ad — torn right from Karl Rove’s playbook — evoked the 1929 stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, the Cuban missile crisis, the cold war and the 9/11 attacks, complete with video of Osama bin Laden. ‚”If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” the narrator intoned.

Still, a lot of Pennsylvanians voted for this tool. Perhaps people need a reminder that Hillary’s taken more money from lobbyists than McCain and Obama combined. And lest they forget, Hillary supported the invasion of Iraq. Thousands of Americans have died and close to 100,000 civilians have been killed. Now, she’s trying to outhawk McCain by saying she’d push to “totally obliterate” Iran. A person of sound judgment would be discussing diplomacy. My head hurts now, make her go away.


  1. everyone keeps talking about ‘obama’s loss’ and how he didn’t do enough to win the working class white vote. but clinton got only 2% of the black vote in pennsylvania. 2%. what is she doing to win the black vote, and why isn’t anyone talking about it?

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