The MTA Hates Us For Our Freedom

Needless to say, this strike sucks. And can we trust Bloomberg to facilitate some type of resolution? We can’t even trust him to wear the right jacket. He walked across the WINDY Brooklyn Bridge in 25 degree weather wearing a lightweight leather jacket. No hat. No scarf. His mom would be mortified.
Oh well, if you’re taking the day off, check out our shopping guide and skip the cold walk into Manhattan.


  1. That’s funny.
    although I think we should get people to bum rush the mta workers and beat them into going back to work.

  2. good for them. i hope the strikers get what they want.J

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  4. You hope the strikers get what they want? I sure don’t. Like Bloomberg said, these are people making $40,000 – $50,000 a year who are fucking shit up for people making $15,000 – $25,000 a year. This is such a selfish act to do, and what makes it worse is that it’s around Christmas, when people (and businesses ) need the cash. People are saying “Hey man they can’t pick when their contract expires,” well fuck that, the teachers waited months, the TWU can wait a few days.
    Fuck you MTA and TWU.

  5. How about you don’t know the first thing about being a transit worker. You get treated like shit by each and every customer. Ever drive on the streets of this city? Try it in a 40 foot long bus. Not to mention people jumping in front of you while you are in motion. Good Times.
    They are not selfish, they are doing what is right for the future employees of the MTA. They want to take away their health benefits and retirement plans.
    I don’t think that people really understand what is at stake here. It’s not the money issue, it’s what is fair is fair!

  6. “You hope the strikers get what they want? I sure don’t. Like Bloomberg said, these are people making $40,000 – $50,000 a year who are fucking shit up for people making $15,000 – $25,000 a year.”
    those making $15,000 – $25,000 can take action into their own hands if they want, and so can you. all workers should take action to make their lives better when the market squeezes and the bosses refuse to make the necessary salary adjustments. and the MTA even acted like their workers were “lucky” to have benefits.
    fuck them and get bent for whining. so u can’t get to FAO Schwarz. you couldn’t give a shit about those eraning less than $50,000. if you did, you’d join in solidarity with the strikers./J

  7. I’m with the MTA workers.
    And here’s why you should be too: the demonstration of the power of the worker is the most important tool we have. They’re fighting for a continuation of the ideals of the New Deal. I hope they get what they want, and I hope more workers are inspired to unionize.
    Oh– and that thing at Galopagos sounds fun.
    Oh. also, I encourage everyone to bike around the city. It’s really not that cold once you get rolling. I mean, you know, dress warm, but you’ll warm up after just about a minute or so. It’s really not so bad, even over the bridge in the wind. If you’re healthy enough, I strongly reccomend it, if only because riding a bicycle is fun.

  8. I saw this photo and thought that Bloomberg was purposefully going for the Brando “On the Waterfront” look in an attempt at irony.

  9. I think the whole union thing as an idea is great, but no, they should not do it! New York City cops get fucking shot at every day, and start at $26,000 a year. You know why they can’t go on strike? Because they’re too important to the city. So are the transit workers, and that’s why it’s illegal for them to go on strike. It costs the city millions and millions of dollars a day.
    I don’t know who taught you about unions, but HAY GUYZ LET’S STRIKE isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) the only weapon in their arsenal. Yes, the MTA fucking sucks, but pulling the innocent people of New York into it won’t make it any better. I think we can all agree the MTA doesn’t give two shits about the people of the tri-state area.
    Where do you work? I’m sure working on some trendy graphic design project from your $234587325 Williamsburg loft is something you don’t spend $20 to get to, unlike most other unfortunate city dwellers. Commuting from Queens to your minimum-wage Manhattan job gets you to about break even for the day. And if you don’t go, you’re fired.
    All this so new transit workers don’t have to allocate 1% of their income to their health benefits? So they can all have a fucking 8% raise instead of a 3% raise? This isn’t the McDonalds, like I said before people’s livelihoods depend on this.
    In the ’80s, there was an air traffic controllers’ strike. The next morning, Reagan was all like “Fuck you guys, you’re all fired” and hired National Guardsmen to fill in temporarily. We can’t have groups of people toying around with innocent civilians in a pathetic power struggle. It’s like terrorism.

  10. Sergio is OUT on this one.

  11. t..t..t…terrorism?? Ohhh nooooo!!
    Come on, dude. Soon you’ll be calling the strike “New York’s Katrina”…

  12. Lil' Debbie says:

    Its New York’s Katrina!

  13. Anonymous– you make a couple of good points– the 6% annual pay increase (they brought it down) is pretty effing steep. I haven’t had a raise in… quite some time, and I bet a lot of folks haven’t in this economy. We could debate the specifics of this particular dispute, but I’ll generalize my stance as essentially pro-labor, but I think the striking workers are pushing it with some of their demands. Fair?
    However, you blew any credibility with your straw-man attack (who are you talking to? Is there a particular graphic designer who pisses you off? I’m not one, and it ain’t me, so point that resentment elsewhere, ‘kay?), and your “It’s like terrorism” line which is just so bogus and totally stands agains the labor movement in this country. Sorry, it’s not like terrorism, in the key factor that no one is dying. (waiting for the story of some grandmother frozen to death on the Tri-Borogh Bridge so I can feel like a total ass…)

  14. It’s like terrorism in that it drags innocent people into the whole mess. It has nothing to do with killing people, use your damn head next time. And with the whole graphic designer thing, I was referring to jahhoo or whoever.
    And what are you talking about, “New York’s Katrina”? If you’re trying to use that as a point, it doesn’t quite work.
    Ben, yeah, unions are awesome, but like I was saying, you have to be responsible. You can’t just go around striking and affecting millions of lives because you don’t get your way. I respect that you’re pro-labor, but at the same time, I don’t think the TWU is abiding by that stance the best it could be.
    Is anyone besides Ben going to make any good arguments? Let’s see. Probably not.

  15. I’m for the strike and for the workers! I’m for restrictions on cars in NYC. I’m for biking! I’m for economic damage against consumerist holiday shopping. I’m for unions standing up for the protection of their benefits. I’m for other workers getting ideas about the power of collective bargaining and how it’s possible to stand up for decent wages and healthcare and retirement.
    We have one of the best public transportation systems in the world. This is a wonderful thing. Our public transportation system belongs to us, just like our parks and our streets and our air and our water. Why does the NYC voting public have no say in the working of the MTA? (Rather it’s run by Pataki and his creepy and corupt corporate cabal.) Protect the New Deal. Solidarity!

  16. striking is not terrorism and most certainly should never be illegal. it’s unfortunate that because the strikers are transit workers everyone else feels their pain, but hopefully everyone will realize what can be gained when workers band together. i predict the MTA workers will get more or less what they want.
    the argument that the workers make “enough” holds little water at a time when corporations making pension cuts is the new trend and when union’s previous gains that they fought so hard for are being whittled away. if the MTA workers’ strike is simply a pre-emptive move designed to tell the bosses they intend to hold on to what they got and that they have the power to do so, then double good for them!
    Reagan (and all GOP goons) detested workers’s rights and unions and their bringing in the national guard was strictly thugish. J

  17. Did anyone here have a commute longer than two hours? Because like the Iraq war, it’s easy to support something that barely affects you.
    There are countless other unions that are just as important to the city (such as the teachers’ UFT). But you know what? THEY WAITED. They worked without a contract for a while, because they realized that people, such as little kids, would be affected (this strike affects that category as well).
    What happens when someone can’t get to the hospital because of traffic and dies? What about when someone who is forced to ride a bike is hit by a motorist? New York City, much of it new since the building of the transportation network, is ill-equipped for something like this.
    Like everyone else on this board most likely is, I’m very liberal. On one hand, you should support labor unions and workers’ rights, but on the other hand, you really should be caring about people put in a shitty position by this strike. You’ll make it through the strike, but how many others will? All I ask is that you people consider those who are less fortunate. MUCH less fortunate than any TWU worker, I might add.

  18. Fuck the MTA workers. They have always had the shittiest customer service and as someone mentioned above, they are overpaid as it is. I hope their Christmas trees light on fire.

  19. Oh yeah and the strike is illegal. There’s a good reason for the law they’re breaking. They’re making the whole city suffer for their unreasonable demands.

  20. No…not out on this one. I think of it this way: There are plenty of people in NYC who are working minimum wage jobs or others who make far less than the average transit worker who have no benefits at all, no health care, no pensions (i.e a lot of small business vendors) who are getting killed by this strike. They should have it as good as the average transit worker.
    Also: I think of people in other parts of the know, children who are forced to work in mines for a dollar a week who have it far worse than any of us, so it’s a little hard for me to sympathize with these guys.
    I say, get what you need to get but don’t hold those who are doing far worse than you hostage, which is what they are doing.
    Both the TWU and the MTA have done a good media job to get the average NEw Yorker to take one side or the other. I say fuck them both and get back to negotiating. This strike is doing more harm than good for those making far less than MTA employees.
    If you are one of those who works a minimum wage job or just a job that has no decent benefits at all, this is fucking you.
    I also heard that the people being most hurt by this are those who make less than the average transit worker.
    It’s hard to feel sorry for the transit worker on this one, sorry….

  21. i find it so funny that people are saying “protect new deal ideas!!!!!!”. haha thats hilarious. you really dont know your history of roosevelt and his totally idiotic new deal. roosevelt was actually a tool of big business.
    “Why did FDR channel government spending away from the poorest people? Little New Deal spending went to the South, the poorest region; most went to political “swing” states in the West and East, where incomes were more than 60% higher. The South was already overwhelmingly on FDR’s side.
    Why did FDR make it more expensive for employers to hire people? By enforcing above-market wages, introducing excise taxes on payrolls and promoting compulsory unionism, the New Deal increased the costs of employing people about 25% from 1933 to 1940 – a major reason why double-digit private sector unemployment persisted throughout the New Deal era.
    Why did FDR destroy all that food when millions were hungry? FDR promoted higher food prices by paying farmers to plow under some 10 million acres of crops and slaughter and discard some six million farm animals. The food destruction program mainly benefited big farmers, since they had more food to destroy than small farmers. This policy and subsequent programs to pay farmers for not producing victimized the 100 million Americans who were consumers.”
    unions are like cartel mobs. take a look at this: (excuse my current laziness to argue my points right here)
    there is no such thing as “workers rights.” there only right is to be able to quit their damn job if they arent satisfied.
    yes i know i am the token libertarian. i used to be a liberal like some of you. that is, until i actually started working in a public office job, and i saw all the wastefulness, all the bureacracy, all the politics, all the bullshit that was a result of collectivism.

  22. i say we kill them all by pushing them in front of moving trains. oh man. I’ll pay to see that.

  23. mike d opinied: “there is no such thing as “workers rights.” there only right is to be able to quit their damn job if they arent satisfied.”
    how offensive can you get. go market go! J

  24. roooooooiiigght…..

  25. Worker’s rights are very important. During this past fiasco I felt sorry for those workers who did not have pensions, did not have health care, did not have any benefits whatsoever who got fucked for three days. There were also many workers who did not get paid if they couldn’t make it to work, unlike some others who would still get paid if they had to remain home.
    I don’t argue with the fact that transit workers deserve respect as well as any other worker but in comparison to many others in this city, they have it relatively good. Their strike (which seemed to amount to nothing) only hurt those who are much worse off.
    But what the fuck? It’s over now, thankfully.
    It will be interesting to see the impact in the coming months. Thankfully, it may not be too bad, considering. If it had gone longer, that would have been a different story…

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