The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Osekre & the Lucky Bastards - Photo by Chris Mather

This past weekend was an absolutely unreal weekend for music, fueled by our very own Aputumpu music festival.  I just want to say thanks to everyone who was able to make it out.  If you did, maybe we got to chat for a bit in between sets; I was there three of the four nights.

I had to miss Japanther on Sunday.  Sorry guys.  Word to the wise… don’t ever eat a pancake wrap for brunch.  Sure, an omelet with sausage, ham, bacon and pepper jack cheese wrapped in a buttermilk pancake, doused in syrup SOUNDS awesome (and to be fair, it TASTED awesome), but it doesn’t mix too well with a stomach that just got done processing a lot of PBR and vodka clubs.  I’ll spare you guys the details.  But hey, I did manage to make it out to the other nights.  SOME HIGHLIGHTS:

Osekre and the Lucky Bastards, who booked Aputumpu, stole the show Thursday night at Shea. My man Osekre knows how to get a crowd pumped up, no doubt.

Don’t sleep on The Toothaches; they also played a great set at Shea.  You can catch them at DIY venue Big Mouth over on Wycoff Ave in Bushwick next Saturday.

People like to argue about band names on the balcony at Shea Stadium.  Should I call my project “VHS Dream” or “Swimsuit Issue?”  Feel free to let me know in the comments, seemed to be a split the other night.  I’m kind of scared VHS Dream screams “bedroom project.”

So So Glos absolutely murdered the main stage Friday night at Public Assembly.  I felt like I was 15 years old again getting the shit kicked out of me in the pit, and I was already all hyped up from Eula’s set.  Mux Mool spun some pretty chill jams after which cooled things off to end the night.

Not Blood Paint kind of look like Demolition (via early 90s WWF)

ALRIGHTTTTTTTTTT.  I WAS there Saturday, but I was only able to catch Violens (who were awesome, can’t wait for their Slumberland release.)  I gotta confess… I totally “cheated on” Aputumpu with Grimes.  I couldn’t bear missing Clare at Glasslands, which was probably the hottest ticket Williamsburg has seen in… man I dunno, forever?  I’m sure you heard all about it by now.  Yes, she had a sore throat.  Yes, she sounded great anyway.  Yes, she was wearing a Pictureplane shirt.  Yes, you should be jealous.  Jealous that I was there, I mean.  Or of Pictureplane, I guess, because he supposedly is dating Grimes (if you’re into the whole crusty thing, anyway.)  I mean, it’s possible they just made out (there’s pics floating around if you haven’t seen), but I never really went around wearing t-shirts of girls I randomly made out afterward, so I would say there’s probably more to it than that.

Alright, I need to stop because this post is quickly degenerating into hipster-TMZ territory.  I’m really here to write about the most blogged about shows THIS WEEK, but one last thing, make sure to check out the Aptumpu Facebook page for pics from every night of the festival.

The MOST BLOGGED ABOUT SHOW this week is the pride of Boise, Youth Lagoon, at Bowery Ballroom.  This one sold out pretty quickly.  Clearly, I didn’t get a ticket, because I generally don’t write blog posts during live renditions of “Montana.”  Depressing, I know, which kind of goes well with most of his music.  The always awesome Porcelain Raft opens, along with Ceremonies.

Even more depressing is the fact that I did not get a ticket for the EDITOR’S PICK for this week: Cloud Nothings, A Classic Education and Crinkles at Glasslands, also underway as I’m typing this incoherent dribble.  Attack On Memory is an early front-runner for my album of the year (though possibly edged out by Blouse.)  This might open me up for some serious backlash, but both Youth Lagoon and Cloud Nothings (at least on their latest) sound kinda… EMO to me.   Are Bieber swoops, bad poetry and girl jeans coming back?  I don’t know, but REMEMBER… Youth Lagoon DOES open for Death Cab For Cutie next month.  Maybe they’re not INCREDIBLY emo, but I think you can draw a nice comparison between Youth Lagoon and Bright Eyes and Cloud Nothings’ latest release definitely has its roots firmly planted in first-wave emo.

Keeping with the whole “emo” or “emo-ish” theme, Cursive is in town to play Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, along with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Conduits.  This one is also sold out.

I just can’t seem to get away from “heartfelt” music, because next up is the “impossibly beautiful” music of Perfume Genius at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday.  Paranthetical Girls are along for the ride, and THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT TOO (their Glasslands show later in the week is also sold out.)

Let’s see… something with tickets.  Metronomy and Friends are playing Irving Plaza tonight, March 30th.  Wait, scratch that, this one is sold out.  Bruce Springsteen is over at the Izod Center… oh come on, you KNOW that’s sold out.  Andrew Bird always plays, it seems, but he also sold out The Greene Space tonight.

Alright, my EDITORS PICK for shows that still have tickets is Zulu Winter at Glasslands.  Should be trippy.  Willis Earl Beal and Soft Landing will also play this Thursday night showcase.

Hey.  Lots of great shows this week.  Lots of sell-outs this week.  Aputumpu really DID kick off the summer concert season, eh?

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