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Class Actress

I think the Mayans were trying to bait us all into thinking the world was going to end a few weeks ago so we’d all panic and kill each other in some sort of vile, nuclear bloodbath, so that they may rise from their subterranean enclave and reinhabit the seemingly perfect world we’re enjoying in 2013. It’s a glorious world, with an active David Bowie, naked waitresses serving up artisanal pies at Roberta’s and a new Silent Barn and Market Hotel (soon enough?)

It’s a world where Class Actress and Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring roam free, or at least play for free with DJ sets from Neon Indian, Chairlift and Lemonade at 285 Kent on Thursday nights.

It’s a magical world where a Montreal-based producer who works with Grimes called Majical Cloudz emerges from obscurity to play alongside of darkwave acts with chilling visuals like The Soft Moon down at Mercury Lounge on 58 degree January nights like tonight.

It’s a world where your Sunday brunches of Blue Ribbon fried chicken and waffles are accompanied by live performances by local buzzband heroes like DIIV and Widowspeak; for FREE (with RSVP.) And brunch? Bands make you brunch in 2013, and then they play Big Snow Buffalo Lounge with Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks, Kal Marks, and Chat Logs.

The sky is crisp and clear, and it’s now called Sky Ferreira, and it’s beautiful and blonde and awaiting your gaze at Santos Party House tomorrow night.

This is heaven. And those Mayan bastards wanted it all for themselves.

Somehow, we resisted our bloodthirsty temptations and we’re all here to enjoy this seemingly picturesque Brooklyn in 2013. No one pushed “the button.” We’re still here. This is the real new world order.

Let us not eat the flesh of our enemies, and instead enjoy the flesh of our friends at places like Death By Audio with the stoned and starving gentleman in Parquet Courts on Friday night with PC Worship, Household, Gal Pals and Priests; or on Saturday with Holy Fuck, Pigeons, Romantic States and Smoke Below.

Let us not shed tears for failing to score tickets to see Morrissey at BAM, and instead shed tears of joy for Purity Ring and Young Magic who still have tickets available at Webster Hall the same night. We should be hospitable to our neighbors and catch Hospitality at Bowery Ballroom tomorrow with TEEN.

We’ve prevailed against the greatest of odds and have been granted a new lease on life. We need to remember not to pollute our planet. We need to take guns off the streets. We need to be accepting of all people regardless of color, creed or caste. We need to… ah fuck it. We’re just going to fuck this up.

We’re all going to hell anyway, or more accurately Hell’s Kitchen (same difference.) I heard GZA is playing this new spot up there. WITH A WHOLE FREAKING BAND.

ALSO: Ben Gibbard at The Strand (tonight); Mike Birbiglia at Union Hall (tonight); Libel and Low Fat Getting High at Glasslands (tonight); Hard Nips, Desert Sharks (EP release), Heliotropes and Hippy at Shea Stadium (tomorrow); Ed Askew, D. Charles Speer, Ramble Tamble and Andy Boay at Silent Barn (tomorrow); Grooms, Heaven’s Gate, The Numerators, Eula, Bennio Qwerty at Big Snow (tomorrow); Dirty Projectors, yMusic at Carnegie Hall (Friday); Ski Lodge, Island Twins, SW/MM/NG and Spires at Shea Stadium (Friday); Cool Serbia, The Vandelles, Secret Band (?!?!) and Grand Resort at Secret Brooklyn Venue (?!?!) (Friday); Yellow Dogs, Shark?, Eula, The Denzels and Radical Dads at Living Bread (Saturday); Habibi and Feelings at Death By Audio (Sunday); Yo La Tengo at Barnes & Noble Union Square (Monday)

Peter Rittweger of My Social List


10. Parquet Courts @ Death By Audio w/ PC Worship, Household, Gal Pals, Priests
Friday, January 11th at 8:00pm – all ages, TBD

9. Father John Misty @ Webster Hall w/ MAGIC TRICK
Monday, January 14th at 8:00pm – 18+, $20 -> tickets

8. Purity Ring @ Webster Hall w/ Young Magic
Saturday, January 12th at 7:00pm – 18+, $20 -> tickets

7. Ben Gibbard @ Strand Bookstore
Wednesday, January 9th at 7:00pm – all ages, SOLD OUT

6. Kidrockers @ Brooklyn Bowl w/ DIIV, Widowspeak, Kidrockers
Sunday, January 13th at 11:30am – 21+, $8 -> tickets

5. Sky Ferreira @ Santos Party House w/ Haerts
Thursday, January 10th at 10:30pm – 21+, $10 -> tickets

4. Dirty Projectors @ Stern Auditorium @ Carnegie Hall w/ yMusic
Friday, January 11th at 8:00pm – all ages, $30 – $55 -> tickets

3. Morrissey @ BAM w/ Kristeen Young
Friday, January 11th at 7:00pm – all ages, SOLD OUT

2. Class Actress @ 285 Kent Ave w/ Erika Spring, Secret Band, Chairlift, Lemonade, Neon Indian
Thursday, January 10th at 8:00pm – all ages, FREE!

1. Yo La Tengo @ Barnes & Noble Union Square
Monday, January 14th at 7:00pm – all ages, FREE!

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