The most anticipated fall 2016 restaurant openings in Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Icharon - Coming to Bushwick this fall

Icharon – Coming to Bushwick this fall

We saw a lot of openings this summer, including Sauvage, Amami Bar and Restaurant, and the criminally overpriced Aska. Here’s what to look forward to this fall. From Brooklyn Magazine:

Leuca and Westlight
Andrew Carmellini and his NoHo Hospitality crew (The Dutch, Lafayette, Locanda Verde) have finally set their sights on Brooklyn, taking over food and beverage operations for Williamsburg’s sky-high William Vale Hotel. In addition to operating Leuca on the ground floor (a wood-fired, coastal Italian restaurant), the team will oversee the 22-story high Westlight bar, boasting small plates, craft cocktails and 360-degree views of the city.
111 N 12th St., Williamsburg

Brooklyn Cider House
A retrofitted warehouse will function as a simulacrum of Basque Country in the industrial nexus of Bushwick–housing a Spanish restaurant, bar, tasting room, and cidery, showcasing ciders culled from the 8,000 heirloom apple trees in owner Peter Yi’s Hudson Valley orchard.
1100 Flushing Ave., Bushwick

Bushwick is getting the first American branch of Japan’s idiosyncratic Ichiran, where patrons slurp on customized bowls of tonkotsu ramen (after having specified the precise strength of the pork bone broth and firmness of the noodle) from perches along a “concentration counter,” or whilst serenely sequestered in individual partition booths.
374 Johnson Ave., Bushwick

Pretty Southern
We’re still awaiting the launch of Top Cheftestant Sam Talbot’s McCarren Park-adjacent Pretty Southern, which hopes to lure the Five Leaves brunch crowds with fried chicken, pies and baked crab rolls.
14 Bedford Ave., Greenpoint

Guadalupe Inn
The Mesa Coyoacan and Zona Rosa team is on the move, branching out to Bushwick with a modern cantina/entertainment venue supplying Mexico City-inspired eats.
1 Knickerbocker Ave., Bushwick

Grub Street has a few more:

Parm 162 N. 4th St., Williamsburg Mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, Sunday salad, Buffalo cucumbers, and Chinese ribs grilled San Gennaro style. Must be another Parm on the horizon. Yes, sir, the Major Food Group is making its move to Brooklyn, and as they often do on these auspicious occasions, they’re debuting a new sandwich, exclusive to the location — a hand-sliced prime-rib hero with peppers, mushrooms, and onions.
99 Scott Ave., East Williamsburg
Everyone’s favorite hinterland-Queens Vietnamese restaurant expands into larger Brooklyn quarters with outdoor seating and a full bar.

96 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg
Chef Adam Leonti parlays all the milling and baking experience he gained from his Brooklyn Bread Lab pop-up into this restaurant at the Williamsburg Hotel, where the menu will focus on vegetables and grains.

29 Norman Ave., Greenpoint
Aska chef Fredrik Berselius and Danish-food magnate Claus Meyer move into this 23,000-square-foot design incubator, with a canteen that serves breakfast and lunch. “The whole idea,” says Meyer, “is to be almost like a communal space, and to connect to people on the outside.” Come suppertime, the goal is to create “a nice, informal, wonderful Scandinavian take on a low-key restaurant.”

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