The Lemonheads at Southpaw tonight

Evan Dando was quite possibly the most disappointing interview of my career as a music writer thus far. I was a huge Lemonheads fan back in the day, and when he did a solo show in Portland a few years back, I jumped at the chance to see and talk to him. Unfortunately, he seemed lost on stage, the crowd was beyond annoying (most of them sat, Indian-style, for the entire performance, and my friend and I were yelled at by some lazy woman for standing), and the interview was a disaster. Dando smoked pot throughout, and when asked questions like ‚”So, Evan, when is your next record coming out?” he responded, ‚”Um….uh, like, the record….(big weed inhale)…it’s, uh…what was the question?”
I’ve heard from other sources that Dando has since become more lucid and the Lemonheads are putting on a pretty good live show these days. I’m still not convinced enough to get tickets, but if someone does go, tell me what you thought. Fadar faves Vietnam open.
The show is happening tonight at Southpaw in Park Slope. Tickets are $20 and doors are at 8pm.
-Cortney Harding