“The Jews Have Stopped The Billboard,” Says American Atheists President


The American Atheists billboard controversy continues today. According to sources, the landlord of the S. 5th Street building where the billboard was scheduled to go up on Monday refused to let the workers on the premises. Now the billboard is planned to go up on the BQE tomorrow. Landloard Kenny Stier is keeping mum.

Things are getting messy though, if not downright anti-Semitic, with AA President David Silverman reportedly telling the press, “The Jews have stopped the billboard” and blaming “powerful neighborhood rabbis” for preventing the sign from going up. Silverman tweeted throughout the ordeal:


Update: The billboard finally went up mid-day on Wednesday. The New York Times has a photo. Happy Purim!


  1. I’m sorry but when exactly did it become anti-semitic to refer to a Jew as a Jew? And in regards to the bit about “powerful neighborhood Rabbis” please explain how anything in that sentence is inaccurate. Or are you just being purposefully inflammatory regarding a situation that obviously needs no pointless outside opining? Yelling uninformed shit from the sidelines is just childish. Stop it. Grow up. And take your thumb out of your mouth.

  2. Robespierre says:

    I think the anti-semitism charge is a very tenuous one.

    It’s fair to say that Prop 8 in California was essentially the adoptive child of Mormons and blacks (I’m black btw.)

    Saying something like that is always germane to context, conveying tone through text almost never works without heavy punctuation.

    An atheist jew (Silverman? come on, it’s slightly patent) calls a group of offending (rabbinical) jews, jews. It’s somewhat funny actually, assuming Mr. Silverman is indeed of Semitic stock, and if he isn’t I still say the charge doesn’t hold.

    It’s a serious charge, be careful about throwing it around for what seems like the sake of your blog post.

    Lest this is in turn taken out of context and stankified, let it be clear that I absolutely fucking love jews. Also I hate anti-semitism.

  3. Aaron is right. Enough with the nonsense.

  4. Ibrahim Sapien says:

    I clicked on “comments” to make this particular point, but it’s already been well said. To say Silverman is guilty of “anti-semitism” in this context is terribly wrong. This article should be edited to exclude that sentence, as this particular charge is very often ruinous to the person it’s levied against. You enjoy the privileged of being able to share your “analysis” with a broad audience, you should also use caution and judgement before throwing such outlandish charges at people.

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