The End of an Era

Our favorite poliblog, is officially signing off today. We’ll miss the site—we’ve been stealing content from it for years—but are happy that Mr. Catch, our good friend Kevin, will get a break. He’s been doing this shit forever. Forget Al Gore, Kevin actually created the internet.
The good news is Kevin has agreed to host FREEwilliamsburg throughout March while we tend to book deadlines and heavy debauchery. So as the quality of writing on this site improves dramatically over the next several weeks, you’ll know why.
Thanks Kevin. We’ll miss Catch.


  1. The site sucked and Kevin is a putz.

  2. Well, that happened.

  3. Kevin got tribute posts from Digby, TBogg and Pandagon on his way out the door, so I think he can deal with a random loser thinking his site sucked.

  4. F you anon. Shouldn’t you be watching Fox News or blowing Ken Mehlman

  5. Digby, TBogg and Pandagon….holy shit. I stand corrected…His site really was influential.

  6. Anonymous, are we going to have to chip in and pay you to be interesting? It’s the end of the month and money’s tight, so that really isn’t fair.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nah..I’ll just host my own blog and beg for donations.

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