The Domino Development: FREEwilly Readers' Opposing Views

Matt writes:

Let’s think about all the people that commute to the city every morning. THE CONGESTION IS INSANE ALREADY. Not only will the L train become un-usable (which is practically is every morning) but it’s going to literally change the vibe, and eventually culture of the neighborhood, and not in a good way. The dust, noise, etc that goes along with this construction is going to be HORRIBLE and especially damaging to the new buildings and businesses such as Glasslands Gallery and the new IndieScreen.

Josh counters:

dude, you’re one stop away from manhattan, and the earth’s population is going to rise by another 30% in the next 40 years. how do you think that your neighborhood is not going to change? if you’re worried about the stress on public transporation, then argue for better public transportation. don’t argue against infill development. infill (as opposed to sprawl) is the most environmentally sensitive (and socially smart) way to build housing, and more housing will always be needed. not to mention, using an existing building is also recycling!


  1. the JMZ trains are actually the closest. and does matt not think the ‘vibe’ and “culture” has not been significantly altered by the places he wishes to “protect”? and i guess he hasn’t noticed that there is dust and noise already in the neighborhood. as long as this is done responsibly then i see no problem with it.

  2. the shuttle is to the JMZ, not the L

  3. anything done for profit is IRRESPONSIBLE YOU FUCKING REAL ESTATE TOOL!

  4. @ matt. grow a pair. how long have you lived in NYC? you don’t think your flagrant contribution to the gentrification here has changed “the neighborhood” ? change is inevitable, embrace it. i’m sure you have some giant hipster headphones to mask the construction noise. god forbid your precious feet have to touch some dirt. how uncivilized.

  5. o man timmy. how i long to take you for a beer and hear your theories. if we (all 7 billion people of earth, now currently toiling for profit) are not allowed to do anything for profit, i want to know what you’ve got lined up as an alternative.

  6. dealwithit says:

    i seriously don’t think the L is that crowded. try the 6 on the upper eastside for a week. has been way way worse for over 20 years, yet people live there. the jmz is easy and i always get a seat. relax.

  7. I hate to see all these new buildings, so I guess i would like to see them re-use the domino complex, but i would like them to maintain the outside of the building as is, and just renovate the inside.. I feel like we keep erasing our history every time we tear down to rebuild.. also make it affordable so it isn’t just the Manhattan richies that can afford to live here.

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